Ugly World Order

by Kindergarten Hazing Ritual

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for the 26th 37564 release, we take a trip into the future.
The year 20XY (not to be confused with the year 20XX, in which the planet was destroyed. . .but Ahnold retconned all of that by killing Dr. Light's parents before they could meet, so we made it to 20XY), where a band of misfits begin a revolution by finding those who won the genetic lottery and executing them for. . . .being there.

. . um, remember those songs from That Awkward Moment "not sexy and used to it" and "this is not the official parody of district (6)9xxx"?

This is an expansion of those songs

uWo - a nerd rage fantasy in 24 movements (it's just. . .too. . .SCHWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!)


released March 31, 2015

photography by Oslo Redgrave(Depth Mental Photography)

guest vocals on track 3 by Samantha Michelle Smith of Fight the Demiurge
guest vocals on track 21 by Corey Donaldson
color commentary throughout the album by Walt Liquor of Florida Noise Ordinance, K8 Rage, Joe Kasak, Triple X (M.I.S.F.I.T.) and Hack of Wewantbloodpodcast, Thunder Hawk and Ted Burger





37564 Recordings Peekskill, New York

we represent all that is soulless and wrong

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Track Name: ugly world order (AKA this is a sponge cover)
Track Name: but this is not a deicide cover
Goddesses and gods alike have gritty reboots of their lives
They black out and wake up with vasectomies
Double mastectomies
Pig noses, cleft pallettes
The fucking works
This is what you should have done
They're crippled, they're handi incapable
They fell from Tiphares
The best part of the corps is the corpses
Godesses and gods alike
Track Name: the perils of life in high definition
No illusion
They woke one day and there was no illusion
Stuck living looking like they just awoke
Warts and all (warts and all)
Sephora is buring
The world knows she's not born with it
They're beating the hell out of each other in front of walgreens for the last bottle of
That shit that makes you look like you're fourteen
The world knows she's not born with it
The world is fucking stuck with it
Hollywood just had a hissy fit
"How will I hide my pubic zits"
Warts and all
Track Name: hacking your model mayhem account to say you do interracial gangbangs
four eyed red dyed poser slags
with tattoos of hashtags
yuo're not like me or any of us you just want free swag
for each sucker born there are 15 of you and that's too many for dramatica to cover
whatever it is, just say it's a music video audition
assume the position and quit yer bitchin'
this is only a music video audition
tonight we're going to reenact that tatoo on your back
your amazon wishlist did not mention that
Track Name: the asphyxiation of haruhi suzumiya
Connie went missing 8 days ago
Last seen with a guy with spiky blonde hair in a long red trenchcoat
No sunglasses
When questioned he said the last time he saw her he told her to get away from him
Then he hurried to the cvs to search for crabs shampoo
She was found in the basement of the wyndham, hanging from the staircase
By the.neck
Schoolgirl skirt on the ground
Panties aroind her knees
And a photo of L taped to her crotch
Track Name: live from 6 feet under the red carpet
Make sure to zoom in on his face so those little preteen cunts can see those dead eyes
See your hero crawl
They cry for him more than they would over their own fathers
It sucks i can't hear them cry from here, but at least i cam gloat over their pathetic tweets later
I tear americas still beating sweethearts out and crush them in my hands
Track Name: extreme home makeover urban edition turbo hyper fighting
Her new home
The bin behind the Citgo
Among the rats and curdled milk
And sushi from two months ago
Where that teen dumped the stillborn she gave birth to at prom
And the drug dealer tossed the gun
When divers find her tomorrow morning
They take her purse and run
It's home
Track Name: trigger warning theater presents (6)9xxx
Send me the genes that look good in tight jeans
That look good on big screens
They'll look good in my scenes
..other than that they shall not be seen
Where are you going?
Get back in front of that camera
We're giving the havenots their fantasies
Abercrombie and fitch brought them in and i took them out
They awaken on set.
You fornicators now have a purpose
Here we are now, entertain us.
Track Name: two broke(n) girls
What is red and white and red and black amd white and red?
This whole room, all of us, what did we just watch?
The greatest thing ever?!
They groped and grabbed and scratched and poked and tore at each other until all that was left was the stench of flesh doused in blood and garnished with more flesh
They say UFC is barbaric, but this was pornographic and horrific all at once
And now that they have died i can too
Track Name: how to age disgracefully, tonight at 11
You are the corpses and live fuckdolls of the world
Blurring the lines between news and entertainment got you this far

No more skimming
For headlines of
Courtroom dramas
And sex scandals
You'll fluff stuntcocks
For your supper
While the interns watch you suffer
Cushy new gigs on the offer

Burnt out at an
Age that equals
The rule she once
Ancient rotten
Can't pay poor drunks
To bring her home
Beefed up harddrives
She's redundant

She's become
Unfortunate reality

Track Name: sorry sir, we don't insure stuntcocks
No more grinding on.bachelorettes
just the star of home video
Is living every man's dream worth it?
A shot of an "o" face got the actor kneecapped
The director waterboarded and cameraman force to commit seppuku at gunpoint
Anything sucks once it's a job
Track Name: occupy hellhole
Judgement begets bitterness
It's all reactionary
Once above now under.thumbs
No empathy from the rest of us as you stand and shiver with your placards for attention nobody notices they've run over your picket line with their suvs
Like a fancy domino rally
Track Name: to write loathing on her arms
Blown out, stretched out
Gaped like a shotgun wound
Worn and badly aged
Cast off back into society
No use for a stage name
Real estate, hairdressing, barely qualified
Stench from the slum not strong enough
To notify the passers by
The puddle she is sitting in
If you come in you might slip in
Her blood and die in the kitchen
Track Name: step right up, choose your 9/11
One mans utopia is dystopian for another
Isn't that right?
Simps unite
The past romanticized
A world.where they grovelled at.the feet of eyecandy
Now they lay crushed under the treads of war machines
take you to your goddesses
We will take you to your gods
Track Name: we of westerberg high will die
Who the fuck are they?
Lost amongst a body count of a mass lust kill
The shrine blocked the door
Authorities were too late
Mass checking out of life
Good riddance to mental slaves
some have a cult following
while others just have a cult
We have smited your idols
What will you do?
Follow them into nothingness
Just like we knew you would
Track Name: max casaveno won't get a song title on one of these but it won't stop him from trying
Sex for sale!
Discarded on the streets it's all she knows
Her stock is down, it's plummeted
Could have have pulled a mil three years ago
This pig can't even pull five bucks
From the spoiled masses
They don't give a flying fuck about the real thing
We spoiled the masses
Fuck reality is what they say
she never thought she'd die alone
They never do
hey look she jist did
Wanna be every mans fantasy
Reality is all you'll ever be
Track Name: ...and the pillow was gone
The desirables were always mostly illusion
Now that's all they are
Relegated to exist in a fantasy world of our creation
They live there, they die there
They don't exist
Figments of our imagination
No one to lust no one to worship
No one above us no one below
The world is human wreckage
There is no more hierarchy
There is only human wreckage
Track Name: happy festivus charlie brown
Only the vain, only the bored, only the lonely weak.and afraid
Don't survive here
For the rest of us, it's just life with less assholes
ruled by hate utopiate