That Awkward Moment Between Your Birth And Your Death

by Kindergarten Hazing Ritual

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Phillip Acevedo
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Phillip Acevedo KHR never fails at life, y'all could learn a lesson or two from him. Favorite track: not sexy and used to it.
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bd A blistering dose of destructive cybergrind!
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the 5th Kindergarten Hazing Ritual full length. . . .and the shortest.
12 minutes.

why did we use a meme for a title again?
because for some of us, life is just one long awkward moment.

and that moment can be short. . . . (but is it ever short enough?)


released July 16, 2013

cuitars, vocals - Cory Monster
drums, sampling - DJ Ninja Schmoe
guest vox on "this place is dead anyway" - Corey Donaldson




37564 Recordings Peekskill, New York

we represent all that is soulless and wrong

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Track Name: awkward at birth
Track Name: the STD they don't warn you about
Defective birth
You're a walking neurosis
Zack Morris you'll never fucking be
Imaginary friends created by others will lead you to your only real friends...and then drive you away from them
And you'll receive no charity
And the std you got may protect your virginity
A walking neurosis
Track Name: ferris bueller's off day
We were told we were lesser than everyone
Now we judge like we're better than everyone
Wheres the line, building character
And creating monsters?
I can't tell you
Figure it out
You're supposed to know
It's been time
This was coming
The line is erased
You're out of chalk
Some monsters ate it
Once boys, once men
Now cynical shadows
Craving revenge
Track Name: not sexy and used to it
No ones reason to masturbate lives here
I spread revolting worldwide
I paint this world ugly
Recreate it in my image
The playing field newly level
Beaten to death with ugly sticks
Fallen icons of lust and hatred
Scattered for miles
Torn down from pedestals high
And charm won't get us by
Track Name: bronies vs. moonies vs. trekkies vs. juggalos vs. ravers
I can't wait to be on History channel being interviewed in the shadows about that time we jumped some kids in pikachu hats over some turf at a con
The clowns are official and soon we'll be too
And monkeys will fight for control of the zoo
Track Name: pokeballgags 50% off at giggles
You've really done it now
Who told you it was a good idea to follow those boys dressed as sailor scouts to the marriot anyway
If you awaken next to a 300 pound white girl dressed up like Ivy from Soul Calibur, that's your own damn fault you like getting cuckolded by furries
Just a reminder, because you need one, that you promised to leave all of this behind
Track Name: next time, be more elitist
Open season on open minds
Let 'em sink with the shit
The less the merrier you should have known
Still wondering why so many idiots jumped on your wave
You invited them
You wished this shit was bigger, like you do with everything
And you get
What you want
And you never want it again
Track Name: damage control barbie
If she could she would have had a restraining order issued against it last week, that creep
Escaping blame that can't be shifted is a specialty acquired along with giving head and finding discount steals on heels.
When charm fails. When charm fails. When charm fails.
Track Name: this is not the official parody of district (6)9 xxx
I want a world where the beautiful are made to live in camps where they fuck each other on camera for the amusement of the rest of us
I don't really want any other world
Track Name: Miss OMG-Me-Too
Wanna turn whores into housewives?
Thier egos tall as mountains
I prefer to make molehills of them
Nondescript mounds of venereal dust
That cannot speak
They burst into flames around me
They crumble to ash and blow away in the wind
And i am comforted by their absence
Track Name: 50 shades of OH FUCKING CHRIST
Mommy's a freak just like her vampire obsessed demon spawn.
Talk about a whole life crisis. It's much more interesting than her life. Stellas groove is being a prude and telling dad what he can't do. You claim they shame the slut you'll never be. You shame the animals we are.
I wouldn't ridicule you for your method of escapism if you didn't constantly see fit to shit on mine.
Track Name: this place is dead anyway
Connect to disconnect
Smartphones and internet
Everyone i hate is all around me
Everyone i love is elsewhere
Our friendships scattered across the globe, the only ones who will relate
Isolation desired fate
I don't like you fucking people
Track Name: (s)top40 hits
Your shitty home town that you left only got worse while you were away.
Track Name: #numberonereasonwhy you should be shot in the face
You wanna be one of us now?
You expect this to be as easy as everything else in your life??
You cannot win for losing (or winning, or dressing up like slave leia to hock some developer's wares)
There are no time machines, pond
Decades of ostracization cannot be undone by claiming you fucking get it now
Guest in this house
Making demands
You'll get nothing and like it
Track Name: the bottom line (because stone cold ET said so)
Track Name: hello, i'm darwin and this is jackass
Everybody wanna die
Nobody wanna die
Nobody wanna be that guy
Croaked in the x-ray while the doctor bangs the nurse
Speak only good of the dead, talk shit when no ones around
She died diddling herself with a carrot
Turning in their graves embarrassed
Rub 8 out drop dead in front of a porno screen
Don't have to live with yourself
Just found a new way to cease to exist
Being forgotten is better than this
Everybody wanna die
Nobody wanna die
Sick to death of life
Scared to death of death