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Our work is never done.
Generally, if one game manufacturer is trying like hell to clean up thier image (Capcom .. .it's not working BTW), there will be another one fucking up hard and never stopping.
Monster said back in 2013 "Konami want an album written about them so fucking bad". But you know. . . . . they lurked moar.
We lurked moar and moar and moar.
. . . . . and well, unfortunately, things did not get better.
So, here we are.
A year in the making.
KHR didn't just go after their recent fuck ups, but their entire existence. They've been a nuisance for a long time, folks. Some of those hits were flukes, and other hits were just kind of overrated.
If you ask the boys, the Simpsons game is the high water mark of their achievements . . . and even then, those assholes only made a PC port, which apparently was shit.
That's not covered in a song either. There was just too much,.
Enjoy your ass whuppin' Konami, you earned it.


released May 30, 2016




37564 Recordings Peekskill, New York

we represent all that is soulless and wrong

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Track Name: Up Up Down Down Down Down Down Down BS Stop
what is this place?
keep your one good eye shut

you've lost
your only shot of
clinging to

there are no cheats in this game

you just cut and run
Track Name: Hills Is Watching (Silently)
one ruined sequel away from losing your respect
so you've laid off Belmont
Nintendo will pick him up and he'll be a smash hit
and the corpse of snake is humping corpses tomb of the mutilated style
daryl dixon didn't like the way you modeled his moustache

he's never coming back you know, you maniacs you blew it up
you're done in this business
good luck with your spiritual successor to sparkster
Track Name: Real Bout Now Thats What I Call Jock Jams The Video Game 9 The New Cummers
for what you've wrought
you've been sentenced
to live inside
a claustrophobic's nightmare. . . . .
Track Name: Bob And Silent Snake Strike Often
Track Name: Swagger Jackin' Since '87
contra was a giger lawsuit waiting to happen
nevermind schwarzeneggar's likeness
how many ripoffs of double dragon and final fight no one remembers
capcom goes mobile, you do too?
Track Name: If Meryl And Snake Couldn't Make It, You Kids Are Fucked
crashing and burning
one hit death no revival ever
so obsessed to spite the hand that fed
like a woman in a bitter divorce
"queen bey" on the headphones telling her she's never wrong
pink slips for bathroom breaks
eyes over shoulders
yours is the clown car off the cliff
visions of bunny girls riding missles into buildings
message board hordes with pitchforks at your doors
respect out the window like your ninja turtles license
you ain't shit, never was shit
never will be shit
legacy of ruination of a legacy
game over
you're not even burning out that brightly