Big Trouble In Little Tokyo split

by 37564 Recordings

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cybergrind and grindgaze showdown in the land of otaku. . .or something.

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual hit you twice, and then 0cadavernamedAlison0 offer up more bliss+blast

this split is dedicated to the loving memory of Adam William Cooley


released March 31, 2014




37564 Recordings Peekskill, New York

we represent all that is soulless and wrong

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Track Name: Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - you're not depressed, you're just heterosexual (they're similar)
don’t believe the dream they’re selling from behind the screen i told you
don’t believe the dream they’re selling from behind the screen
there’s more chance of there being a god than such fantastic fiction coming true
it’s a somkescreen, there is no dream in the end you will find it’s all a scheme
played, betrayed, punchline delayed for optimal hilarity at a later date
Track Name: Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - can you culturally validate my parking
you don’t suck enough to do this for a living
you just missed 17 dollar CDs by about 30 years
you’re just gonna have to try harder
how will you tow the line between buttrock and date rape music today?
get your song on the next pro-wrestling pay per view and you’re set
for the rest of the month
at least the bible belt thinks you’re living the dream
i meant to call you that, i meant to call you worse
you brought this on yourself
you cannot make me care
this is supposed to hurt